Company Profile:
“MUHENDİSLER Wood Products Company” have contributed to coop-up the requirements in the field of Wooden Door products by developing latest technologies and equipping its production machineries with modern manufacturing techniques in order to produce and highlight its premium quality productions and to emphasis first grade and excellent services. We provide breathtaking results for each of our clients. Our main products are: 1. Natural Veneered binding wooden Doors 2. MDF and HDF wooden Doors 3. Fire rated FR30/FR60/FR90 minutes laminated doors 4. American Panel Doors, Turkish Doors with American Panel 5. HDF and MDF Sandwich Panel frames 6. architraves and Door Leaf core. 7. Exterior Doors 8. Interior panel doors, custom mouldings, and much more.. 9. Wooden Kitchens and décor as per required design, can be produced inside or outside Turkey. With Quality Craftsmanship and with a State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility, we produce approximately 100 cubic meters per day, which is equivalent to 1000 Doors with all its accessories and the production quantity can be intensified if required. The “MUHENDİSLER Wood Products Company” was founded in 1960 and became one the pioneer leader in wooden doors and wooden products in Turkey, our plant is located on a total area of 22,000 square meters of which 8,000 square meters is built and covered with great potential for expansion possibilities. We also consider as one of the few companies in Turkey that manufactures wood staring from cutting trees from the forest up to ending with final premium quality products, especially with the presence of our plants and associated workshops that produce plywood panels and semi-finished wood products which supplies us materials to accelerate final wooden door production works. We deliberately focus on each new change for renovation and access to the latest technology in order to minimize production cost that helps to reduce the prices of the product for our customers. With the 55 years of determination, services and improved quality equipment we are still heading towards innovation and effectively follow-up modern technology developments and continue to opt premium quality products with in the actual production capacity of 200,000 doors (including frames and all accessories) production annually. Our company consists of 250 working personnel, including workers, representatives and subcontractors equipped with mature fresh minds to secure quality and hi-tech services. The annual turnover for the wooden business of the company is 100,000,000 USD.

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Established Date: 1960  Tax Office: Tosya  Tax Number: 8930033755  Staff Count: 101-250  Export Specialist: Neshaat YASİN